Fall AGM Sept 14th 2015 Waldheim Arena 

Meeting called to order by Ray 705 PM

Ray mentioned a addition to the agenda is setting league fees to it for this year and asked if there was anything else to add and asked if nothing else agenda moved

moved by shell brook second hague and carried as it 

minutes from spring meeting where read and email discussion was had about elite players and that it be left as is for the 15/16 season 

minutes moved by hague second by bruno  - carried

financial report  a total of 4070 in chq and 4050 in GIC/Bonds  798 amount owing to the league 

fines for 2014/15 of 300 and ray will email teams copy of the finical report and any questions can be asked at the October meeting 

Sept 1 2014 to this year there was a 2600 lose but no league fees where taken for the 2014-2015 season

financial will be discussed at the schedule meeting in october and questions can be asked and will be moved and carrier from there

elections for the new 2015/2016

VP from tisdale Rob Price was not at the meeting with the VP of Don Thompson’s 2 year term coming to a end  and hague to appoint a new one. Hague has selected keith wagner as there VP for the 2 year term

Ray is handing floor over to bob from hague for the election of president 

Ray was nominated by hague - no other nominations brought forward 

shellbrook motioned nominations close  and second by bruno Ray Baumann is once again president for a new 2 year term

Ray opened the floor to the teams on leave at this time 

 doug for warman states that they will be putting a team back in and have ice time ready and are now working on getting players ready for the season 

Rosthern would like to extend there leave for one more year and have been accepted to wheat land league and dont feel they are ready to compete in the FCHL at this time 

     -    discussion from teams to rosthern asked if special player limit would help but would like to keep team more local at this time

     asked if commitment to the wheatland was made by rosthern for the season  ,   yes one year term to them has been made at this point

rosthern is hoping that the one year in wheatland should be enough for them and want to see where the elite player is going with in the FCHL 

it was mentioned that it is sad to see rosthern not in the league again and that they really like to see them keep in the FCHL league at this time

hague mentioned that they would like to see more local players per team as that will help support the smaller towns and teams

hague asked if rosthern has a good commitment from younger players ,  they had a good turn out and a good number commit for this season

Ray asked rosthern to leave room 729pm 

Ray welcomed keith wagner to the meeting and thanked Don for his two year term

Ray commented that it would be nice to have rosthern in the league and that a se <MMString:LoadString id="insertbar/table" />

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